Understanding Agent Channels 

Each Agent in the Agent Relationships list has a unique and individual channel to which you can allocate Room Types with Rate Plans. Each of these Channels can be further managed through Rate Loading and modifying the percentage (%) of the Rooms allocated in a Room Type.

There can be multiple Rate Plans assigned to one Room Type and a Room Type can be allocated to multiple channels. For example, If you wanted to offer the same NSK (non smoking king) Room Type at 3 different rates (i.e., Rack, AAA, and COR), then you would need to the Room Type 3 times each with the separate and corresponding Rate attached. One for the RACK, one for the AAA, and one for a COR rate. This would allow your guest to choose from these 3 rates when booking the NSK rooms.

Types of Agents

Master Agents

  • These 3 Agents are: MyPMS (front desk users), BC (website), and WR (Global Booking Network). See below for details on how to manage each.
    • Agent MyPMS (The rooms and rates that your logged in users 'see' when using MyPMS):
    • Agent BC is the channel that is distributing rooms to your Booking Engine.
    • Agent BCM Members Area Booking
  • Agent WR (The Global Booking Network) and stop sending all rooms, or send unique rates through distribution:

Net Rate Agents

PMS Agents

buuteeq website:

  • Choose the Agent BUT and follow the steps above to manage the allocations to your buuteeq website

Note: You can add multiple Room Type/Rate Plan combinations.


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