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Room Types are marketing descriptions. (Room Type is a label that can be changed to suit your property, i.e., Suites, Dorm Beds, Camp Sites, Holiday Units, Rooms, etc.) You can have as many Room Types as needed. Room Types normally have consistent values; maximum guest capacity, number of beds, a picture, descriptions, amenities and rate. If Rooms don't all match a Room Type's criteria, then you may need to create additional Room Types. It is not unusual to have Room Types with Rooms that are very similar, but slightly different.

Most Room Types are 'private rooms' where 1 booking occupies the entire room. A Hostel may sell beds in Share Rooms or Dorm Room. If you sell Beds, then you need to create a Room Type called Dorm Bed; then every bed in the room would be a treated like a 'room' for inventory management. Then, you set the capacity of a "Dorm Bed" to 1. Guests will then make group bookings; booking as many Dorm Beds as needed. If you're unsure, ring support and let us help you.

Each Room Types has an inventory of rooms.It is not be necessary, and may not be beneficial, to add every room to your inventory. If you have too few rooms this will limit your ability to sell. If you are unfamiliar with the 'Class' or 'Quality', simply make your best judgement. There is no empirical definition of these terms, so use your best professional judgement.
There is a sort order field on the room type screen. This sort is used to place room types with low numbers at the top of the booking engine results screen. If many room types have the same sort number then the system will sort alphabetically.

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