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Every booking requires the guest to nominate a payment method. Receipt Types are the methods you accept for payment, i.e. Visa and MasterCard. The Booking form uses 128 bit SSL encryption to protect guest credit card details.
Despite the fact that it is safe to give credit card numbers with bookings, many guests are afraid. You may wish to give them payment options that do not require providing a credit card. One option is 'Phone or Fax'. This allows the guest to make a booking, print a special form that can be used to send follow up payment by phone or fax.
Receipt Types are activated when it says 'Yes' in the Live column. Not all Receipt Types are credit cards. To start, all Receipts are set to No. To change a Receipt Type; click the Id in Blue to open the Receipt Details page. Then click Edit to change the status to Live.
To Add a new Receipt Type, click Add at the bottom left corner of the page. Use 2 character codes for Receipt Types. The code for Phone or Fax should be 'PF'.

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