Please enter your business details to the best of your ability.  For website address must use the following format – ''. Please do not include _http://_ in your website address.  You will need to enter at least 2 e-mail addresses, which can be the same email.

  • Main Email – where you will receive guest booking notification
  • Billing Email – where you will receive billing information from BookingCenter
  • Booking CC Email (optional) – used to send a second guest booking notification to the property at another address.

Be sure to Click Update to save your changes!*

If you are an Owner of a Unit(s) that is using BookingCenter as a PMS, then you are an 'Owners Channel Manager User'.  BookingCenter staff will make sure that we work with your HOA/Property Management Company to 'map' the Unit(s) you own to the Channel Manager so that when you login, you are managing Rates and Availability unique to your Unit(s) on the main PMS system used by your HOA/Property Management Company.  

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