The Advanced Charges Report gives you a running total of all Charges (Items) posted on folios for bookings before the check in date. 

Therefore, for a charge to appear on this report, it must have been charged to the folio of a future booking. See Add charge

When a charge is made to a folio in advance of the arrival date, the transaction is automatically added to this Report. If the charge is a room rent charge, then you can find details of the charge on the Transactions Report.

If the charge is for an item that you have set up in Inventory Items, then you will also see it on the Item Analysis Report

The Advanced Charges Report report lists each booking with an advanced charge with the guest name, date of charge, guest name, arrival date, description and charge amount.

Since the report keeps a running total of outstanding balances, the bookings will "drop off" the report when the booking checks in and is no longer in the future.

If you have received payments (either via an online booking or an 'apply payment' event), and the booking is in the future, then it will  appear on your Advanced Deposits Report (ARD).

The running total of advanced charges on this report is also displayed on the Manager's Report.

Here is an example:

On February 10 you take a booking for March 9 and you book a Spa appointment, so if you add a Charge on the Folio for $200. Your Advanced Charges Report will list $200 from February 10 forth.

On March 9, the booking is checked in. At this point, the Advanced Charges Report no longer shows the $200. It has been removed from your Advanced Charges Report because it is now 'governed' by your booking.

To run an Advance Charges Report (ARC):

  • Click on Advanced Charges Report
  • Choose the report format: HTML, Excel or Text.
  • Click Generate Report

The Advance Charges Report (ARC)displays the following information:

  • Book #: Name of Company
  • System Date: The date that the system was on when the charge was made.
  • Arrival: Arrival date of booking
  • Guest Name: Name of Guest on booking
  • Description: Description of Charge.
  • Charge: Amount of Item charged.
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