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Once you have decided to sell your rooms online, it is time to think about how you will manage availability and rates of these rooms. To sell rooms online, you Selling rooms online or Online Distribution is done 


for each Agent Channel that you have setup. Examples of Agents Channels are your website, buuteeq, GDS, or other online travel agents. Selling your rooms through these channels is online distribution and managing these rooms and rates is done in AGent Relationships

Since each Agent has a unique set of conditions and commission rates, you many want to tailor Room Allocation and Rate Plans to fit each channel.Because you can setup and manage a unique set of Room allocations and Rate Plans to each Agent Channel, we refer to this as an Agent Relationship.

Online Distribution (Selling rooms online) and Channel Management (Managing Rates and Availability to each channel)

There are two important parts to the process of selling your rooms online:

  1. Managing Rates and Availability
  2. Allocating the Rooms and Rates to each Agent Channel.

Selling Rooms online or Online Distribution can be a complicated processThere are two important parts of the

Each Agent and the corresponding channel is aAvailability and Rates plans to each of these channels is setup and managed individually. and distribution is managed in each individual channel


MyPMS offers several options for managing Rates and Availability depending on the needs of your property.

The one basic requirement for ensuring

Allocation of Rooms

Managing Rates

MyPMS offers a Channel Manager,  Think about the amount of rooms you want to offer and the rates you will offer them for. Since each agent has a unique set of conditions and commission rates, the a,  either through your website, GDS or OTA channels and/or Special Agents

In MyPMS distributing and selling Rooms online is done through Agent Channels. Agent Channels  are independent and unique to the each agent through which you sell your rooms online.  Each Agent Managing availability and rates of these rooms  MyPMS allows you to Each Agent in the Agent Relationships list has a unique and individual channel there are three types of Agents:

  • Master Agent
  • PMS Agent
  • Net Rate Agent



to which you can allocate Room Types with Rate Plans.

Each of these Channels can be further managed through Rate Loading and modifying the percentage (%) of the Rooms allocated in a Room Type.

Therefore, there are 3 ways to manage Availablity and Rates to Agent Channgels:

  1. Room Type/Rate Allocations
  2. Rate Loading

Types of Agents

Master Agents:These agents control the availability and rates to your basic channels. They must have allocations in order to function property

  • Agent MyPMS (viewable in the Front Desk Area when making bookings.)
  • Agent BC  (Distributes Rooms to your Booking Engine and Website)
  • Agent BCM Members Area Booking
  • Agent WR (Global Booking Network - Displays allocations on all GDS channels). Note: This will only appear if you are signed up for GDS.

Net Rate Agents: These agents will only be visible if you have signed up for a Contract Program with a major OTA

Contract Rate programs are run by mass sellers such as,, Travelocity, Hotwire, Orbitz, Expedia, and Priceline. In these programs, properties agree to a reduced rate and the company pays you for the contracted rate instead of the guest. These are good ways to stay booked, especially in slow seasons, as the travel sites always give priority to their properties displaying Net Rates. BookingCenter can sign you up for nearly all Net Rate companies and automate the delivery of availability, rates, and bookings through these programs.

Usually we recommend waiting a few months to see the results of the distribution and marketing BookingCenter can do on your behalf, before signing up for a Net Rate contract. We have a complete list of Net Rate companies we can automate at: Contact to request enrollment into any Net rate program.

PMS Agents

  • These are agents that you have set up in the My Agents area.

buuteeq website:

  • Choose the Agent BUT and follow the steps above to manage the allocations to your buuteeq website


You can add multiple Rates to a single Room Type in each Agent. There can be multiple Rate Plans assigned to one Room Type and a Room Type can be allocated to multiple channels. For example, If you wanted to offer the same NSK (non smoking king) Room Type at 3 different rates (i.e., Rack, AAA, and COR), then you would need to the Room Type 3 times each with the separate and corresponding Rate attached. One for the RACK, one for the AAA, and one for a COR rate. This would allow your guest to choose from these 3 rates when booking the NSK rooms.To learn how, go to

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