Which Bookings are charged Commission?

Completed Bookings are automatically charged commission. Commissions for network bookings are payable after bookings are completed by the guest.

Cancelled bookings are not charged commission, but must be cancelled in the system. It is good practice to cancel bookings as soon as you know the guest will not complete the stay. This restores availability to new buyers and adjusts your commissions payable to agents and the network.

Bookings made through the GDS or a Global Booking Network Site (Seen in "Source" in the booking and the CRS Confirmation ID), must be cancelled by the Guest directly with the Agent or the website from where it was booked. If you only cancel the booking directly in MyPMS, that booking will be considered cancelled "Out of Channel" and you will be billed US$10.

For more information on the Global Booking Network and Out of Channel Cancellations, please review the Global Booking Network Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) at: http://www.bookingcenter.com/support/.

How is the commission paid?
On the 1st of each month, the property will receive an automated e-mail with a list of all completed bookings. If a booking was not completed, go to the Booking Details and Cancel the Booking. If a booking was completed, but the value of the booking changed; go to the Booking Details and Edit the Booking Value. All reconciliations must be completed by the 15th of the month.  On the 16th of the month, your account will be deemed due. Commissions are payable immediately. Failure to pay commissions by the 30th may result in having your account suspended or paying a 'late fee' as stipulated in your Account Form.

Network Commissions displays the commissions due on each complete booking The list can be filtered and sorted in a variety of ways to customize your search (See Online Bookings for sort and filter options).  Read below to learn more about Understanding Commission Charges and cancelled bookings.

  • Booking I.D.: Booking # assigned to booking
  • Portal: Indicates the Portal through which the online booking came in.
  • Agent: Agent where booking was made.
  • Date: Date which booking was created.
  • Depart: date of departure indicating completed booking.
  • Value: Total Value of booking
  • Tax: Actual taxes paid
  • Service: Any services charges
  • Net Val: Net value of booking minus tax and service charges
  • Comm'able: Amount that will be commissioned to the agent.
  • Total Comm: Total amount of commission due for the booking.