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  • ARD - Advanced Room Deposit, commonly referred to as an Advanced Deposit.
  • ARC - Advanced Room Charge, commonly referred to as an Advanced Charge.
  • ADR - Average Daily Rate. This is the Average Daily Rate of a booking, or bookings over a period of time. For example you have a three day booking with Friday arrival. The first night rate is $250, the second night rate is $250 and the third night rate is $175 the ADR is $215 (675 / 3).
  • GBW - Group Booking Wizard
  • RevPar -REVPAR: Revenue Per Available Room is an important metric relevant to the hotel industry(RevPAR) is a key performance metric in the hotel industry, which is calculated by multiplying a hotel's average daily room rate (ADR) by its occupancy rate. Often it is utilized as a primary statistic indicating the overall financial performance of a property. RevPar is calculated based on a formula of Occupancy % * BookingCenter reports calculate REVPAR with the formula: Occupancy % multiplied by ADR.