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  • %%$booking_id%% - This is the Booking ID. If there were multiple rooms booked in a single transaction, then this is the 'root Booking ID'. For example, if three rooms were booked and the Booking IDs were = 12345-1W, 12345-2W, and 12345-2W, the %%$booking_id%% wil be "12345".
  • %%$total_price%% - This is the total cost. This might include Inventory Items and Packages Items if you sold that in the transaction, so consider that when analyzing your results - the %%$total_price%% is NOT room costs only.  Should you need to figure out the pre-tax value you would need to apply a simple formula of (total_price / (1 + tax rate ) ) either after receiving the data or in your javascript function.  For example with a 8% tax rate you would use the following (total_price / 1.08).  
  • %%$arrival_date%% The arrival date of the booking in format DD-MON-YYYY ala 18-APR-2017
  • %%$departure_date%% The departure date of the booking in format DD-MON-YYYY ala 18-APR-2017
  • %%$agent_id%% - partner: Agent/Promo code that the booking was booked at.  i.e.  BC, SUMMER etc.

  • '%%$currency_id%% ' - Currency set in the system.  USD

  •  '%%$total_adults%% ' - Total Adults selected.

  • '



    - Total Children selected.

  • '%%$total_room_count_id%% - total rooms. Multiple Rooms will be added to the total.
  • '%%$total_nights%% ' - total nights of the stay