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  1. Channel Manager customers who contract  contract direct with BookingCenter to perform direct Booking Engine, Concierge system, OTA, GDS, etc travel distribution to gain new customers.
  2. Owner Channel Manager customers which are  are Owners of Unit(s) from a business that is using BookingCenter as a Property Management System (PMS) who wish to participate in the OTA and GDS channels that BookingCenter provides. Managing bookings; selling through travel websites such as AirBnB, Expedia, TripAdvisor, and; communicating with guests; and sending details to the Property/HOA/Management Company can be time consuming. Whether the Property/HOA/Management Company books the Owner's unit(s), an OTA books it, or the Owner's website makes a booking, all rate & availability & booking info (new, modified, and cancelled) is kept up-to-date in the main PMS and Channel Manager products. This provide flexibility for the Owner to manage and market their specific Unit(s) as they wish.