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  • Allow manual entry of Rates: Allows the user to manually change a Rate. 
  • Allow Overbooking: This allows the user to book beyond your current availability. The recommended setting is "No"
  • Settle Credit Cards: Displays the "Settle Credit Cards" button in Night Audit. (Must be signed up for MyCard Credit Card Payment Gateway)
  • View Manage Credit Cards Screen: Displays the "Manage Credit Card" link in the Booking Details.  Should you wish to not allow a user to view the full credit card numbers, this is how to disable their access to viewing anything other than the 'last 4 digits' and expiry.
  • MyGuest Access.  This allows you to establish whether a user can log in and/or use the MyGuest 'app' explained at
  • Landing Page: At the User level, you can now choose what page MyPMS will automatically load/go to first when you login.

Security Restrictions:

  • Country: The county selector for the user login.
  • Country Login Allow: This locks the user login to the country selected above. Meaning a user can only log in from the selected county.
  • Allow VPN: This allows a user to log in to MyPMS while using a VPN.