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The Bookings Report creates a summary report of booking activity and room revenue generated on a specific date or date range by Agent, Company, Guest Type, Rate Plan, Room Type, Source and User. This report is primarily used to analyze the volume of booking activity and the room revenue generated by source, room type, etc. This includes the # of bookings, room nights, ADR, total revenue, % of revenue. Go to Occupancy Forecast for report details and instructions.

Detailed Date Pace Report: A 'business' point in time comparison of any date range up to 45 days, comparing to the same week days as last year.

Detailed Day Pace Report: A 'business' point in time comparison of a month, comparing to the same calendar days as last year.

Manager's Report: Daily snapshot of all transactions, balances and forecasted Occupancy. (Past and Future Dates)


The Tax Exempt Report Displays bookings that have been set to "Tax Exempt" in the Booking Data of the booking. To see details of the bookings displayed in this Report, go to the Bookings Report. To see details on any transaction, use the Transactions Report

User Activity: Show you the activity details of all users and displays the login date, time and IP Address for users by date range.