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Room status: is it clean or is it dirty?  

Every time a booking checks into a room, that room gets set as 'Dirty' immediately. Looking at the Tape Chart is the only way to definitively see whether a room is clean or dirty at the moment.  The use of status fields in Housekeeping reports, such as C/O, OUT, and S/O are guides for housekeeping staff to set their priorities.  Rooms being set as Clean or Dirty occur 'dynamically' by a person performing an action manually (for example, checking in/out a booking or setting a room 'clean') or via an interface such as a phone or MyGuest that sets a room clean or dirty.

Room Assignment Changes During a Booking.

To help make clear what happens on the Housekeeping reports when a room change occurs, we use 'come from' as the older, occupied booking moving into a new room;  and 'move to'  as the new room being occupied by the Room Assignment change.

  • C/O is used when a room change occurs to the 'come from' room when the booking is changing to a new room. On the date of the move, the 'come from' room will be shown as 'C/O' until either a new booking is checked into that room or the System Date is incremented.  
  • If a 'move to' room has a departing Guest in it, that room will be listed 2 times on the Housekeeping: one as S/O for the 'come from' booking that is moving into the room; and another as C/O for the booking checking out of the 'move to' room.  
  • C/O becomes OUT on the day of a departure after the booking is 'checked out' and set to COMPLETE status. 

Default Housekeeping Reports include the following reports (custom reports can be crafted for customers)

Detailed Overview - For properties that want a report without the specific 'housecleaning' details found on the Maid Sheets, this detailed overview is a great way to see a list of housekeeping needs for 'today' that is just the basics needed to schedule cleaners and prioritize rooms cleanings. 

The report heading are as follows:

Room Details:  Room #,  Room Type

Status: VC: Vacant Clean VD: Vacant Dirty O: Occupied S/O: Stay Over OOO: Out of Order C/O: Departing Out: Complete

Guest Details: # of Adults, Children

Stay: # of Nights

Date Information: Arrival and Departure date

General Overview - For properties that want a quick look at the housecleaning needs estimated for 'today' and 'tomorrow', this report is great to schedule cleaners for the next two days.  When using, note that on this report, the VD row is not the count of dirty rooms, rather the VD minus the Occupied rooms. Also the rooms that need cleaning are Arrivals minus the vacant clean rooms. Thus, this report is trying to give a 'net to clean' number for planning purposes.  If the Vacant Clean rooms are greater than the Arrivals for that day then the need to clean rooms becomes zero.

Out of Order Rooms – a list of Out of Order rooms during a date range or a specific date. The Report includes the Room, # of days out of order, lost revenue and the reason.

Turndown - System date

Vacant Room List - Displays a list of vacant rooms, guest arrivals and the clean or dirty status for a particular date.

To see the Maid Sheets, go to FRONT DESK | HOUSEKEEEPING. See, Housekeeping

Maid Sheets

At the bottom of Housekeeping you can print housekeeping lists. There are two types of Housekeeping Lists to choose from. Use these to give to your maids and then check clean rooms.

Example of All Rooms - Maid Sheets and All Rooms (excluding Vacant Clean (VC) - Maid Sheets


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