Whistle is an interactive messaging platform that uses SMS and 'push notifications' to engage customers.  It can be used as an alternative to the SMS features built-into BookingCenter, or to supplement them for the unique approaches Whistle uses.  A customer would sign up for Whistle, and then the PMS would keep the Whistle up-to-date with any new, cancelled, or modified bookings and/or Guest information.  When a property wishes to enact this interface, the steps are as follows:

  1. Contact the BookingCenter sales team, as we charge a $20/mo fee for enacting and supporting this interface 24 x 7.
  2. Once readied by BookingCenter, the client will login to their Whistle account (set up via the client, not by BookingCenter). and then the client clicks "enable" on the integration card in Whistle. This will generate their integration username & password and notify Whistle support.
  3. The client should communicate these credentials to BookingCenter via a Support Ticket for the connectivity to be enabled.
  4. Once enabled in BookingCenter, Whistle support will confirm with BookingCenter that the data exchange is working properly. 
  5. Whistle will ask for a historical sync of reservations and BookingCenter will push all future bookings to them with the Booking and guest data we have in the PMS.

Whistle has a support article, and a reminder on how to onboard clients at: https://help.trywhistle.com/knowledge/how-to-integrate-with-booking-center