The Transactions Report provides complete detailed accounting of ALL transactions that have posted in your system.

This includes all guest, group and house account folio payments and charges, direct bill, accounts receivables, room rent, taxes, inventory items, advanced charges and deposits

This Report is the most detailed report of your transactions and should be used to reconcile any discrepancies on other reports and to see the details of the transactions. It can be run for one specific date or date range.

The Transactions in this report are the transactions that are summarized in the Transactions Summary Report and in the Manager's Report and used to calculate data for all other Reports. 

This Report can be used to find detailed transaction history for all transactions or sorted by Transaction Category and Transaction Type. For Example, Room Rent or Taxes.

Transaction Categories are the Categories displayed the Transaction Summary and can be cross-referenced. By default, the following Transaction Categories are provided in MyPMS:  Room Rent, Phone and Misc. You will also see any categories you have created in Inventory Groups. Inventory item charges will be displayed under the category "miscellaneous" unless you have assigned it to another Inventory Group. See  Inventory Groups and Inventory Items

Transaction Types are the items listed under the Transaction Category. Some are listed by default like Room Rent and Credit Receipt Types and others can be customized by you in Inventory Items, Receipt Types and  Inventory Groups

To see a detailed report of items sold, use the Item Analysis Report. To see detail on Room Rent charges, choose "Room Rent" as the Transaction Category

The Report can also be sorted by User to see which user made the transaction.

To run a Transactions Report:

  • Click on Transactions
  • Choose Date: Choose a single date or date range.
  • Transaction Category: Leave on "Select All" to see all transactions. Or, choose a Transaction Category like Credit Cards.
  • Transaction Type: If you choose a transaction category, then the drop down list will populate with the items in that category. Leave on "Select All" to see all types.. Or, choose a Transaction Type like Visa.
  • Select User: Leave on "Select All" to see all Users.. Or, choose a User to display all transactions made by that User.
  • Choose the report format: HTML, Excel or Text.
  • Click Generate Report

The Transactions Report displays the following information:

  • Rm: Name of Company
  • Folio: Folio #
  • Folio Name: Name of folio charged. Primary, Group Master or House
  • Date: Date of Transaction.
  • Description: Description of Charge.
  • Amount: Amount of Item charged.
  • User/Time: The User who created the transaction and the time it was made.

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