MyCard payment gateway clients with a magnetic card swipe or an EMV device have three ways to obtain the 'swipe/dip/tap rates' when requesting auths:

  1. For a same day booking swipe/dip/tap the card on the Credit Card # field under credit card details on the new booking window. Enter all required information and press "Complete Booking & Check In".

  1. Existing Booking on arrival place your cursor select the card type as the guarantee by and place your cursor on the credit card field and swipe/dip/tap the card. Then click 'Save and Check In'.

  1. From the Manage Credit Card screen add a new Manual Transaction/Card or Swipe/Dip from the EMV device and enter the auth amount. With the exception of Visa cards only the original auth amount will receive the swipe/dip/tap value.

Cards that have swipe value will show in payment drop down on the Folio with an (S) next to the card number as shown to the right.  Cards that were 'tap' or 'dip' into an EMV device will show in the payment drop down on the Folio with an (E) next to the card number as shown to the right.  All cards with authorization also show the amount left on the authorization and the method that the authorization was obtained. There is a (T) for a traditional MyCARD auth and a (P) for a Pax EMV authorization. In addition to knowing where the authorization came from we also list the remaining amount of the authorization.

In the screen shot above, the CA-9019 means a MasterCard ending in xxxx-9019 was 'tapped' or 'dipped' into an EMV device and has $0 left in its authorization.

Tip: If you use more than one EMV terminal, we list the name of the device that took the authorization or payment on the manage credit card page.

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