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The Room List in the Group Booking Details providesandeasy way to add new bookings to the Group Booking, view current bookings in the Group, and see the number of Rooms booked in the allotment.

To view the details of a booking in the Room List, you can click on the guest name of any individual booking that listed and the system will load the Individual Guest Booking Details. The individual booking information can be edited and unlinked it from the group if necessary.

NOTE: The Group Revenue shown in the Booking Header will increase as you add bookings to the Group. In this example, one booking has been added to the Group: 3 Nights at $200=$600 plus Tax = $672. See Group Booking Header. The Projected Income shown in the Booking Data will still reflect the total projected cost of the booking based on Room Allocations in the Edit Tab. See Edit Allocations

There are two ways to add bookings to the Group. Once is to add Individual bookings with each guest name or you can automatically assign all of the rooms in the hard allotment of a room type to the group at once.

For step-by-step instructions, see Add Booking to Group Booking

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