Once the Room Type is assigned to the Booking in the Edit Tab, then a Room can be assigned. This can be done when the booking is created or at any time after the booking has been created. Any booking can be assigned the same Room for the stay or assigned different rooms each night of their stay.

A Booking will only appear on the Tape Chart when a Room is Assigned to the Booking.  To see a list of Unassigned Rooms for a given date range, see Bookings with Unassigned Rooms

To Assign a Room

Room Assignment Tab: The Room reserved for the guest displays in blue. Available rooms are listed on the left by number and room type. They are color coded Yellow for dirty and Blue for clean. 

  1. Open the Booking and click on the Room Assignment Tab.
  2. Using the Room Assignment tab, a booking can be made to
  3. Only the Rooms available in the Room Type will appear. The rooms available will display for a reservation's date range.
  4. Click on the Room to be assigned for each of the booking dates.
  5. Click the Save Room Assignment button.

Booking Data tab, choose the desired Room from the Roompull down menu. Note, the pull down menu only offers choices for rooms that can occupy the entirety of the stay. 

Tape Chart: A guest can be moved to a different Room within the same Room Type and date range on the room assignment screen; or via dragging and dropping a booking from the Tape Chart onto the same Type or onto a new Type. Note that if you use the drag and drop feature for moving to a new Room, and it is onto a new Room Type, thatteh Rate plan forteh booking will become 'MANUAL but the old Rate given will be preserved.

If the guest wishes to change room type or change their length of stay it must be done from the Edit tab of the booking.

To change the Room Assignment

  • Open the Booking and click on the Room Assignment Tab.
  • Click on the current assignment in blue to deselect the Room.
  • Click on the new Room for each of the booking dates.
  • Click the Save Room Assignment button.



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