The property profile refers to the property information, policies, and images you use to describe your property, rooms, location, amenities, etc. on both on your website and through GDS and OTA sites. Therefore, it is important to fill in all of these sections completely in order for your property information to synch properly and to insure the best presentation of your property.

It is important to note that there are differences in the amount of information displayed on your website and through GDS and OTA channels. Both display the standard level property, room and image information, but there are further customizations specific to each, some which are optional and some required.

In addition, if you are signed up for Standard GDS, then the information displayed will be limited and there is little control over how your property is listed in the OTA. However, if you are signed up for an OTA Contract Rate Program, then you will receive preferred listings, full property and image display.

Finally, you have the most control over the information displayed on your website and sever

Getting Started with MyPMS

To complete your property profile, make sure all of the settings in both of these sections are completely filled out

Complete standard level property information for both website and GDS channels. Some of this information will also appear on your statements and reports such as property name and address.

Customize MyPMS

Property Profile Website and GDS