Version 3.52

This latest release introduces updates to MyPMS Reports, Letters and AR Accounts.

  • NEW! Privacy Policy Merge Field: This new policy field allows you to display your Privacy Policy on the Booking Engine Payment page. It is also available as a merge field in all Letters. To learn how to add your new Privacy Policy, see Marketing And PoliciesTo add the Privacy Policy merge field to letter, see Confirmation Letter Merge Fields
  • Transaction Report- Linked Folio Numbers: The Folio numbers on the Transactions Reports are now linked to the Booking Folio giving you the ability to click on a folio number to open a booking. See Transactions Report.
  • AR Account Statements: The AR statements are now sorted by statement number not the date of last entry
  • Manage Rates: In order to preserve data integrity and follow industry standards, we have limited the future date selection to 1,200 days in the future

We are pleased to announce that the following software bugs were fixed in this release:

  • Fixed issue with In-House Guest Ledger is displaying Taxes Removed from Folio in Balance.
  • Fixed "Credit Card Retention" Days Setting.
  • Add Booking to Soft Allocation Group Blocks
  • Removed the % randomly importing % sign into the booking comments of bookings, creating an ISE.
  • Date Picker in Manage Rates was allowing an 'End' Date Sooner than a 'Start' Date when saving rates.
  • Tax Exempt Report was not able to save to XLS or CSV
  • When User is set to language other than English, the user could not send letters.
  • When double clicking "Apply Payment" in the Folio, two payment transactions were added to Folio.
  • When double clicking "Apply Charge" in the Folio, two charge transactions were added to Folio.
  • Fixed function in Group Bookings- "Assign all remaining Hard Allocations to this Guest"
  • Occupancy Forecast Report was calculating Rooms set to YES on "Ignore on Occ. Report".