Rate Grid - Change Rates, Sort by Agent:  We have made major enhancements to the Rate Grid! The Rate Grid is now dynamic, giving you the ability to change a rate just by clicking on the rate for a specific day. See Rate Grid - Daily Rate Change We have also added a new sort feature by "Agent" making it easier to view rates allocated to each channel. See Rate Grid RateIntelligence and RateManager: We are excited to announce that the RateIntelligence and RateManager Tools  are now integrated into MyPMS. All Direct customers can now activate and use these Rate tools directly in MyPMS. Learn more! | RateManager and RateIntelligence


  • Booking and Guest Comments: We have increased the size of these fields in the Booking Details for easier entry and readability. See Booking Data

  • 'Print Registration' button for Arrivals. On bookings with today's arrival date (in arrivals list), a 'Print Registration" button will now display next to "Save and Check-in' at the bottom of each booking. See Booking Action Buttons

  • Rate Grid: The "Default Rate" column has been replaced by the Rate Type, making it easier to see whether a Rate is a Parent or Child Rate. See Rate Grid


Credit Card Retention Policy: In order to increase security for credit card data, we have implemented a Credit Card Retention Policy for Credit Card Numbers stored in Bookings. What this means is that Credit Card numbers will be retained for a period of 30, 60 or 90 Days after guest check-out and then automatically purged from the system after the designated retention period. The retention period (30 -90 days) depends on the setting you choose in MyPMS. For instructions, see General Settings

Note: The last four digits of the Card Card # used for payment in the booking will be retained.

We are pleased to announce that the following software bugs were fixed in this release:

  • Booking Comments lists comment 3 times on bookings with next day's date.
  • In House Guest Ledger did not display Departures.
  • Booking comments Report: When choosing "all" , the results created duplicates and bookings with no comments
  • Multi- rate entry was not recording correctly in Booking Log.
  • Cancel a Booking button not working
  • Auto Letters
  • When editing Yielded Rates, rates reverting to default.