Front Desk Dashboard: We have added a visual dashboard to the front desk! The Front Desk Dashboard displays a "Daily Snapshot" of key data such as, occupancy and availability. It is located on the Front Desk of MyPMS and can be accessed by clicking "View" next to Dashboard. To see details and examples of how the new dashboard works, see Front Desk Dashboard


  • NEW User Restriction - "Settle Credit Cards": Additional setting added to allow optional restriction of "Settle Credit Cards" and "Manage Credit Cards" functions. See Users
  • Additional Guests: Booking Details window now displays and "edit" link for additional guests, allowing you to open the guest record of the additional guest. See Additional Guests. Add Additional Guests
  • NEW OTA Reconciliation Report: The OTA Reconciliation Report gives you a way to reconcile the commission charged for and Expedia bookings with the total room rent charged on each booking. See OTA Booking Reconciliation Report
  • Tax Transactions Report: The total tax amount (Taxable charge- adjustments) now displays at the end of each tax category. Tax Transactions Report
  • Tape Chart:  As a visual enhancement, Rooms listed in the left column are now aligned left. Tape Chart
  • Package Rates: Each reoccurring package item will now post on date of stay. See Adding and Managing Package Items
  • Channel Manager (Management Tool):  The Booking Details screen now displays booking dates, daily rate, duration, and totals.

We are pleased to announce that the following software bugs were fixed in this release:

  • Managers Report AR payments section now only calculates payments made to AR accounts.
  • Managers Report  Totals rooms does not include rooms set to "not include" in occupancy.
  • Corrected spelling mistake on MyPMS Users Page - Response #2.
  • Increased character length of last name field for extra people.
  • Increased character limit on State Field.
  • Agent Relationships Transaction Fee column is now visible.
  • Transaction report now displays DD-MON-YYYY format.
  • Room Rent posted to GB master folio now displays on Owner's Report.