Featured Enhancement

  • "Deposit Quote" and "Pay Deposit Quote" for New Bookings!

    We have added a new field called "Deposit Quote" to the New Booking process. This makes it easy to quote - and pay - the deposit amount required based on your guarantee policy set in Marketing and Policies.  The "Deposit Quote" is located below "Projected Income" in the New Booking Window.  We have also added a new link called "Pay Deposit Quote" which takes you directly to the folio of the booking with the deposit amount auto filled in the payment amount. For details, go to Deposit Quote


  • Choose a Color for Guest Type “Flag”: We have added a “Color Code Flag” to Guest Type flags (also called 'Market Code'). Now, if you choose to flag a guest, for example a Do Not Rent (DNR), you can add different colors to identify the guest type on the Tape Chart. Learn how to Flag a Guest.

  • Tape Chart – See Room Details: See Room Details by clicking on a Room on the Tape Chart. Click on the new “Room Details” button and a new window will open with all of the room details.  See Tape Chart Room Details

  • “Booking by Inquiry” Features
    • View Room Type Details:  Added Room Details to the Booking By Inquiry room type availability list. Now you can click on “view details” for more information on the room type selection. Make a booking with Booking By Inquiry
    • Choose by Room Type: “Room Type” now available in the drop down list options when creating a new booking.  Choose availability from active room types. The list will also now reflect the Room Type label that you have entered in the System Labels.  For example, if you call your room types “Units”, then the list will be labeled 'Units'.See System Labels
  • Folio Header: “Email Folio | Print Folio | Folio to Excel” is now anchored in the header. Now when you need to scroll for a long folio, these functions are quickly available in the folio header. See Print/Email Folio
  • Booking Log: Added more detail to Room Rent charge log entry. You can now easily see whether the room was charged during night audit or manually by a user. See Booking Log
  • Group Summary Report: Added a column to the Group Summary Report for 'Bookings Picked Up".  This gives you a count of confirmed and unconfirmed bookings attached to the group. See Group Summary
  • PAX Reader Pages: For MyCard customers: For properties with multiple PAX Reader devices. We have added a “NFC/EMV Reader” setting in SETUP | PMS | SETUP. If set to YES, then 2 buttons will appear in the Manage Credit Cards window: 1).  Swipe and NFC and, 2) Pin Card . If the setting is NO, then these buttons will be hidden. The PAX devices are what BookingCenter is in the process of certifying for both NFC (near field communication such as Applepay or Googlepay) and EMV. See Setup
  • Multi lingual date formatting: Multi-lingual users, will now see automatically formatted dates appear in your site language.  For example, if a site is set to Spanish, then the Jan-12-2016 will appear as Enero-12-2016. Four languages available:  Greek, Spanish, Dutch and French. See Multilingual MyPMS
  • Group Booking Engine: The "Add Room" function in the Group Booking Engine now displays the Room Rate and Reservation total when a guest is making a booking. All properties using the BookingCenter booking engine has a booking engine for groups. Learn how to use the Group Booking Engine.

We are pleased to announce that the following software bugs were fixed in this release:

  • Managers Report returning discrepancy for number of Occupied rooms in MTD.
  • Payment History link in AR disappears when a company does not have an outstanding AR balance.
  • In Group Booking Wizard, clicking Complete Booking twice creates 2 identical Bookings.
  • Email addresses with atypical domains getting “Invalid Email Address Error”.
  • Edit Tab of a group Booking allowing overbooking to occur regardless of User setting to restrict it.
  • When making New Booking, guest names are easier to select when there are long matching lists.  
  • Letters will not allow 'special characters' when saving. These special characters had stopped Auto Letters from being sent.
  • Direct bill payments posting to first AR 'Company Account' assigned even after the Company is changed on the same Booking.
  • Folio Number listed in AR Account did not match the right Folio Number in the booking, though it did match the Booking ID.
  • "New Booking" pop up window opening behind MyPMS browser window will now always come to the 'fore'.
  • Multilingual users: "Select from list" was not translating into selected language.