This release brings new Kiosk Self Check-in services, major enhancements to Self Check-in, Reports, Auto Authorizations and several bug fixes

NEW SERVICE! Kiosk Self Check-in

Kiosk Self Check-in is a series of services that differ from Mobile Self Check-in, in that the Guest will interact with a URL that is <usually> loaded onto an internet device (Mac, Windows, iPad, Android tablet, etc) in 'Kiosk mode' so that it neither looses power nor 'sleeps', already ready to serve your guests. When the Guest approaches the Kiosk, they can "Load a Booking and Check-in" and/or "Make A Booking". Optionally, for MyGuest users, the Kiosk can deliver these functions from within the Concierge, or the access to the Concierge can be delivered from the Kiosk before or after check-in. There are special Agents specifically for Kiosks, intended to make it easy for properties desiring Kiosks at multiple locations, for a variety of needs.

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  • NEW! Pace Report: A 'business' point in time comparison between a date range from today forward, comparing to the same range last year (Today's Date with a Future Range Comparing Last Year). The Pace Report is used as a sales analysis of your future occupancy, ADR, REVPAR, arrivals, etc and then that same logic to compare to the same period last year. Learn more about the Pace Report

  • Automatic Night Audit - Set Time: If you are using Automatic Night Audit, you can now set the time when Night Audit occurs. Once you set the time, then Night Audit will run in your local time zone at the time you set here. Read here about the setting and its effect on your Night Audit operations. To set the Automatic Night Audit time, go to General Settings.

  • Automatic Credit Card Pre-Authorization: Allow Credit Card PreAuths is set to Automatic, then Night Audit (whether running Manual or Auto Night Audit) looks for all bookings that are due to arrive on the date selected and pre-authorizes these bookings, using the credit card set in the Guarantee by:in the booking. (RequiresTraditional MyCard)

  • Multi-Lingual Booking Engine Templates: All of our Booking Engine Templates are now multi-lingua. To enable the multi-lingual option on your website, go to the "General" Section in Booking Engine Settings

  • Confirmation Email/SMS - Customized to Room Type and/or Guest Type: This new feature automatically sends a customized Booking Confirmation Letter for a specific Room Type and Guest Type. For Example, If you have specific information about a unique Room Type that you need to include in the Confirmation, then you can designate a customized Letter which will automatically be sent as the Booking Confirmation Letter. Learn more about Auto Confirmation Letters
  • Self Check-in: Suppressed Rates Agents:  If you are using Self Check-in, then this Agent will be used to manage the Payment Policy and Gateway used in bookings via an Agent set as 'suppressed rates'. For example, if you participate in Expedia Collect (Expedia collects money from the Guest and provides a virtual 'Expedia Credit Card' to cover Room +Taxes) the booking often can't be 'authorized' as your typical authorization policy, as the card will decline any amount over the exact terms Room +Taxes amount (what MyPMS calls 'Projected Income').  Thus, we'd use a Suppressed Rate Agent to set a profile for how these bookings occur, most often setting 'Payment Policy' to NONE, and Online Gateway to: NONE so nothing was charged to these specific bookings via this Agent when using Self Check-in. To learn more about Suppressed Rates Agents, see Agent Types

    • Suppressed Rates Agents include the following features at Self Check-in:
      • MyBooking Hidden Rates: As part of the Suppressed Rates feature, the rates will be hidden in MyBooking at Check-in so that Guest can not see them.
      • NEW Suppressed Rates Esign Default Letter: We have added a new Esign Letter specially used for Suppressed Rate Agents at Self Check-in. This Letter can be customized to your needs, I.e. no rates or charges displayed and will automatically open for the guest to sign. Learn how to setup the Suppressed Rates Agent Esign Default Letter at Self Check-in | Default Letters
      • Require Incidental Credit Cards for Suppressed Rate Self Check ins:  This new feature allows you to force guests to enter a credit card for incidentals at Self Check-in if they have booked through a Suppressed Rates Agent. This setting is located in General Settings

We are pleased to announce that the following software bugs were fixed in this release:

  • Fixed issue with Self Check-in on Iphones with Esign redirecting to MyBooking Check-in. Cannot Complete Self Check-in on iPhone
  • Fixed the time zone offset in MyGuest App.
  • Fixed issue room status issue with Self Check-in.
  • Add notification to MyGuest when a new HK assignment happens
  • Fixed issue with Tax on Tax adding extra line items on folio
  • Fixed issue with MCC screen not refreshing when saving new CC - for AuthNet and Mycard
  • Fixed issue with Manage Credit Cards Not Displaying All Details for AuthNet and Mycard
  • Fixed issue with Settle credit cards button not showing when site is only set to EMV
  • Fixed issue with refund/credit not displaying trash can icon prior to batch
  • Resolved issue with bookings saved to same room assignment via booking data and room assignment tabs.
  • Fixed issue with "room is no longer available" message displaying on multi unit bookings
  • Fixed issue on booking engine with deposit multiplying # of rooms x deposit amount incorrectly
  • Fixed issue with no confirmation emails being sent on the Legacy Booking Engine.
  • Fixed issue with HotelBed (SynXis) bookings missing guest Information and payment details
  • Fixed issue with Booking Engine Template 02 not proceeding to Select Room page when changing from English to Spanish (or French)