Version 3.52

NEW Service! MyGuest - Guest Request and Concierge System

A sleek, mobile-friendly app with a fully integrated Incident Tracking System for your Guests and Staff. Here's how it works: Guests can request services, such as a spa appointment or turn-down service, at any time from booking to check-out.  Your staff is notified via their mobile device and an interactive dashboard. The 'escalation' feature makes sure Requests are resolved in a timely manner. Make more sales while improving operations. This new service can be fully integrated with your PMS. Learn more about MyGuest

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This latest release introduces exciting new products and services to improve the guest experience and increase bookings.

NEW MyPMS Customization Features

These new customization features are avaialbe to Users with Manager level access. To learn how to enable these customization features for your property, see Admin | Enable User Customization

  • Customize the Front Desk Layout - Customize the Front Desk of MyPMS with our new Front Desk Widgets. These widgets give you the ability to organize the Front Desk and displaythe booking Information and data that matters most to your property. Learn how to customize the Front Desk. Admin | Front Desk - Page Layout
  • "New Booking Window" Custom Ordering and Labels - You can now customize which fields, in which order, and how they are Labeled in the the New Booking window.  Thus, you can remove fields you don't want. Customizing these labels lets you get the booking details you need and removes the clutter of unwanted fields, making it faster and easier to make new bookings. Learn how to custom your labels at Admin | Booking - Data Elements 
  • "Housekeeping  Groups"  This new Housekeeping function makes it easy to organize Rooms into Groups and customize the Housekeeping area on the Front Desk. Create Groups by building, floor, housekeeper name or any other customized name that works for your property. These customized Groups make it easy to print Maid Sheets for each Housekeeper.and will also customize the display in FRONT DESK | HOUSEKEEPING with Rooms sorted into each Group. Admin | Housekeeping

NEW Booking Engine Templates - Our Booking Engine has a whole new look! 

  • We have three different Booking Engines Templates to choose from, all of which can be easily customized to your property. All of these templates are ready-to-use and can be viewed in your PMS Setup Area.  See Booking Engine | Website Code
  • Learn how to customize your Booking Engine at Booking Engine

NEW Customized Default Letters 

We have enhanced the Letters Setup area with a new section for Default Letters and a new display for Letter Templates.  The Default Letters section includes the option to create a customized Website Booking Confirmation Letter and makes it easy to assign letters to other functions like Registration Cards and POS (Point of Sale receipts). Learn more about Default Letters

Group Booking Automatic Room Assignment Feature

With this new feature, you can now automatically assign a Guest to all bookings in a Group Booking. This makes it easy to complete Room Assignments for Group Bookings without having to assign individually.  The result is that all bookings appear immediately on your Tape Chart. Learn how to use this feature at Room List - Group

We are pleased to announce that the following software bugs were fixed in this release:

  • Fixed issue when cloning a past booking in the past, the date did not assign today's date.
  • Fixed issue with Rate restrictions not releasing when new a rate is selected.
  • Removed error code displaying on page SETUP_Owners Tab - Expenses