Version 3.8

This release brings enhancements to MyGuest, SMS Messaging support, Rate Plans and Reports as well as a few bug fixes.

NEW MyGuest Android App

  • MyGuest - Mobile Concierge and Guest Request System-  Introducing MyGuest Mobile App for Android. Download from Google Play Store. MyGuest is completely integrated with the MyPMS booking process: Self Check-in, eSign and SMS Messaging. Get alerts when a guest checks-in, signs a document, or is SMS messaged for a 'same day booking/arrival'. Learn more about Self Check-in | MyGuest Integration


  • Housekeeping Feature - Set the Say Over (S/O) Value: Long Term Stay properties often will only perform a Stay Over (S/O) clean on every x night of the stay.  The MyPMS system allows you to set this 'Cleaning Interval' so that the S/O value will apply, for example, to every 3rd night of the stay.   Make your custom setting for the 'Cleaning Interval' in the General Setting area.

  • Default Rates - Meal Plan Included: Each Rate Plan now includes the option to add a "Meal Plan" to create a Rate Plan Package with Meal Included. There are several Meal Plan Options to choose from. Learn more about Default Rate Plan - Included Items for Reporting

  • SMS Messaging - Check Mobile Phone Numbers: We have added a feature to catch errors when sending an SMS Message from a booking. Now when you click 'Send SMS' the mobile number entered in Booking Information will automatically be checked for errors and display a pop-up message telling you to correct the phone number. Learn more about the SMS Module

  • SMS Messages - New Merge Field : The SMS Letters function allows you to create and customize "Letters" or messages that you can send as an SMS message to Guests from a booking or using Auto Letters. We have added a new merge field, "Room Notes", which lets you insert notes specific to each room. Learn more about the SMS Module and the Merge Fields - SMS Letters
  • Transactions Report by User: When the Transactions Report is sorted by "User", it now displays inactive Users at the end of the Report for easier viewing and printing. See Transactions

  • TripAdvisor Connection - Automatic Confirmation Email: We have added an automatic confirmation to the TripAdvisor Direct Connection booking process. Properties will now automatically receive an email notification when a new TripAdvisor booking or a booking modification is received.  Learn more about TripAdvisor | InstantBooking

We are pleased to announce that the following software bugs were fixed in this release:

  • Fixed missing graphic "success" in MyBooking.
  • Fixed date format on the Dashboard widget "Availability Next 7 Days"
  • Fixed issue with Manage Credit Card link opening to House Accounts in Group Bookings.
  • Fixed issue with Dashboard Occupancy showing 0%. It now displays the correct daily availability.
  • Fixed issued with formatting on Transaction Report landing page.
  • Fixed issue with swiped credit cards. The "s" now appears on swiped cards in Add Payment.
  • Added a PAX / EMV column to Batch report