Featured Enhancements

  • MAJOR ENHANCEMENT! Manage Multiple Rates: Get ready for a major upgrade to Manage Rates in MyPMS with our new Manage Multiple Rates function. You can now manage rates individually, Manage Single Rate Plan, or change multiple rates at the same time using a % or $ adjustment. See Manage Multiple Rate Plans
  • NEW! Tax Transactions Report. This new report displays every taxable transaction posted during the time period selected with the transaction amount and the tax amount charged to that transaction. See Tax Transactions Report


  • Manage Rates - Weekly rates Flag. Make managing rates easier. If you don't use weekly rates, we have given you the ability to "hide" the weekly rates from the Manage Rates screen making it faster to change change rates. Turn this setting on by using the new "Weekly Rates" Flag in the Booking Engine Settings. See Weekly Rates
  • Print All Reg Cards by Room. We have added "Room" to the sort options for the Print All Reg Cards Report giving you the ability to sort and print the report by last name or room. See Print All Reg Cards
  • Tape Chart Session Date. Now, after making and completing a new booking from Tape Chart, you will return to the same date on the Tape Chart where you started. See Tape Chart - New Booking
  • Arrival, In House, Departure drop-down lists. You can now sort the bookings in these drop-downs alphabetically by Last Name or sequentially by Room. See Arrivals, In house, Departures
  • Group Bookings Sort: When searching for Group Bookings, you can now sort by Group Booking Title as well as by Group name. See Group Bookings
  •  Delete Room Type - When attempting to delete a room type from the Setup area, a warning message will now pop up reminding the user that deleting the room type will cause all bookings to lose room type assignments.and that all future bookings need to be assigned to new room types. See Delete Room Type
  • Group Booking Engine:
    • Add Rate and Total to Add Room: The "Add Room" function in the Group Booking Engine now displays the Room Rate and Reservation total when a guest is making a booking. All properties using the BookingCenter booking engine has a booking engine for groups. Using Group Booking Engine

  • Owner Login: Each unit owner can now go to https://owners.bookingcenter.com and log in to see their details, bookings, commissions and reports. Learn more about Owner Login and Booking Management


Important Update

In this latest release we have implemented a three-year window on MyPMS Reservations. This limits how far Individual and Group Bookings reservations can be entered into MyPMS. Therefore, the system will only allow you to enter bookings three years in advance. Please let us know if you have any questions.

We are pleased to announce that the following software bugs were fixed in this release:

  • Tax exempt report now includes bookings paid by Direct Bill.

  • Additional Taxes now calculates 3 decimals places

  • Booking Comments with extra carriage return does not prevent new bookings or saving bookings.

  • Setting a room to 'Select from List' retains the room type assignment.