May 3, 2015


  • Front desk "Pass On Log" Update:  Date Posting Entry,  Add Search and Hyperlinked Results for Pass On Log Area.

MyPMS contains a very flexible tool for 'passing along' reminders to staff and guests, or setting 'reminders' for future needs.

The Pass On Log is useful for many common hospitality tasks, such as:

    1. 'Wait List' guests wishing to book a room at a future date. To do this, set the Show On date to bring the Guest details to the fore at a specific date to see if availability has opened up.

    2. Schedule Maintenance.

    3. Remind staff to sell particular rates or packages on specific dates.

    4. Alert staff to perform actions such as contact a guest, request maintenance, housekeeping, etc.

There are literally hundreds of uses for the Pass On Log to make reminding and notifying staff and guests easier.

See Using the MyPMS Pass On Log for complete details.

  • Maid Sheets: Added arrival date and departure date columns to Maid Sheets: You will now see Arrival and Departure date of each booking on the Maid Sheet.
  • Bookings Report: Added new columns, "Num Bookings" and "Avg Nights" to the Bookings report.

  • Cancelled Booking: When a booking is cancelled,  the confirmation message will now have a link added to go to Letters to print/email cancellation Letter.
  • Search bookings: Added Cell Phone Column to the Excel Report with "Save Results as CSV. file" option in Search Bookings Results.

We are pleased to announce that the following software bugs were fixed in this release:

  • Issue with State Field in Guest Details returning Internal Error message.

  • Issue with Maid Sheets and multi-room bookings.

  • Issue with AR payments: Now able to pay more than 10 invoices at one time.

  • Issue with "Check Back In Button" where departure Date in Booking Header was changing.

  • Issue with bookings completing in some instances when using Booking by Inquiry.