Tape Chart Enhancements

  • Group Booking Icons - Assign Color Icons to Group Bookings for easy identification on the Tape Chart
  • Room Amenity Icons - Display by Room on the Tape Chart.
  • Booking Flag- Flag a booking based on a Guest type. Make identifying flagged guest bookings easy to see on the Tape Chart.
  • Date bar repeat - Choose default row display view.  
  • New Legend: See Room Type amenities and new muted red color for Unconfirmed Booking color on Tape Chart. See Tape Chart Enhancements

Other features and Enhancements:

  • Minimum Booking Lead Time (hours in advance) - updated to drop down list
  • New Merge Fields in Letters:
    • Accommodation cost
    • Work Phone and Mobile Phone
    • Rate Grid Date and Room Type Only
  • "Home Phone" label changed to "Main Phone" in Booking Data. Can be used for guest look up in new bookings.
  • Changed "Unconfirmed" Booking color to muted red on Tape Chart. See Legend.
  • Booking Log Entries for Letters: Log now displays "Print letter 'Reservation Confirmation' generated - Booking: #" or "Email letter 'Reservation Confirmation' generated - Booking:#". See Booking Log

We are pleased to announce that the following software bugs were fixed in this release:

  • Hotel Country merge field %%hotel-country%% is now filling in the country name that is entered in the site details.
  • Guest Name Lookups with over 30 similar names now work with a mouse select
  • Vacant Room list will now only show "Live" Room Types
  • DOB on Booking Data/New Booking Window and Guests page will accept DOB prior to 1940 now
  • Drag and drop no longer edits the prior dates booking room number only current day and future