When needing to communicate with your guests in multiple languages we recommend creating a multi-lingual letter for this purpose. Using the primary language first and then repeating the body of the letter in the secondary language. The merge fields used in the construction of the letter will be in the language they were written in, so it is also recommended to create your deposit policy and cancellation policy in both languages as well.

Tip:  This multi-lingual letter concept can be used for all letters, not just confirmation letters.

Online Bookings: Remember that for every booking generated online, either from your website or a Global Booking Network partner, BookingCenter automatically (usually, it can be suppressed) sends a confirmation email message to the guest. The contents of these emails contain standard booking details and the property's contact data. It's best to have a confirmation letter that works for all occasions, further details here.

Example: Below is a confirmation letter example letter created for a primary French population with English as the secondary language.

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