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As a property owner/general manager you will setup and control all aspects of your property through the Members area. There are two ways to access this area. The first is by navigating to and logging in with your SiteID and password.
Every property is assigned a "Site" ID and Password. Your Site ID is unique to your business and cannot be changed. This login and password is often different from your login to the MyPMS system and may only be known by the property Owner. This method is generally used most during the initial setup process for the property.


The preferred method for most properties is to use the Setup link in the upper right hand corner of the MyPMS screen. This link is only visible to users with Manager level access rights and takes you directly into the setup area without need for a separate login or opening another browser window.

When viewing the integrated setup area you will see the page header below.

To return to the MyPMS system at any time click the 'Front Desk' tab. When you access the setup area the default display page is a four week view of the properties Rate Grid (see Rate Grid section below). This allows a Manager quick access to the entire properties Rate values for the next four weeks.

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