The Folio is a powerful and flexible tool for applying charges and payments to a Guest bill.  All Charges and Payments will appear in the Guest's Primary Folio and stays attached to the Guest Booking.

Each Individual and Group booking has a Folio Tab in the Booking Details.To manage the folio of a Guest Booking, locate the booking and then click on the Folio Tab in the Booking Details.

The functions available in the Folio allow you to create additional folios, transfer items between folios and email or print folios. These can be used as a Guest Receipt or you can create a customized Receipt Letter. See Letters.

Please take a moment to review these important Folio Functions

Credit Card Payments

Credit Card Payments made to the folio function are recorded in the folio and the transactions are managed in Manage Credit Cards.

The credit card payments applied to the Folio will only be processed If you are set up with Payment Processing through our MyCard system. For details and instructions on credit card processing, auths, payments, etc. see MyCard, Authorizations and settling credit cards.

If you ARE NOT signed up for automatic payment processing through MyCard, then the credit card information entered will ONLY be recorded, but NOT processed through MyPMS and treated as any other payment method. See Add Payment.

Managing the Folio
MyPMS Manual Folio