The Manager's Report provides daily summary and a running month and year to date total of revenue, charges, payments, occupancy, advanced deposits and accounts receivable. This is the most useful day-at-a-glance report offered in MyPMS.

The report format always displays the data in three columns. The date chosen in the date picker is the "Today" column with the monthly and year to date totals calculated from that date.

  • Today: Displays all transactions on date chosen in drop down list.
  • Month-to-Date: Displays all transactions from the first day of the month chosen to the date chosen in drop down list. For example, May 15 would give you all transactions from May 1- May 15.
  • Year-to-Date: Displays all transactions from the first day of the year chosen to the date chosen in drop down list. For example, May 15, 2015 would give you all transactions from Jan 1, 2015 to May 15, 2015.

If further detail is needed on any category, then use the Transactions Report and select the "Transaction Category" in the drop-down menu and use the same date range to get a detailed list of transaction in that category. You can also leave the drop down on "Select from list" for a list of all transactions during the time frame.

All Reports run on the system date, so if you have not performed Night audit for the current day, then the report will not be populated with all of the data. It is recommended to run this report for the previous day or after night audit has been completed for the current date.

Additionally, each day an email is sent (to one or two emails specified by the property) with a summary of Night Audit charges with Guest names, Room numbers, and Amount posted for the Night Audit Rent.

The Manager's Report is divided into the following sections:

 Folio Charges / Income


Displays all payments taken including Cash, Credit Cards, Unknown, Write Off, Direct Bill, etc. This can also be seen on the Transaction Summary Report and in detail on the Transactions Report .This will include any receipt types you have created. See Receipt Types


Displays a summary of Occupied Rooms, Empty Rooms, Percentage Occupied, ADR, REVPAR and the number of Adults, Children, Infants in the bookings. To see the details of the Occupancy summary, see the Occupancy Report


Displays a summary of booking information: Arrivals, Departures, In House, Reservations, Cancellations. To see details, see Daily Reports and the Booking Production Report

Advance Room Payment / Charge

Displays the running total of ARD (Advance Room Deposits), for details see Advanced Deposits Report . And, the running total of ARC (Advance Room Charges), for details see Advanced Charges Report (ARC)

Accounts Receivable


Displays future bookings by date, occupancy, occupancy %, room revenue, total guests. The only dates that will displays are dates that have bookings. For details, see Occupancy Forecast Report

To run a Manager's Report:

  • Choose Date: Choose a single date. This date also determines the Month to date and Year to date data. I.e. choosing Dec. 31 would display the entire year in the Year to date column. 
  • Choose the report format: HTML, Excel or Text.
  • Click Generate Report

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