The Letters function gives you a way to print or email a predefined "Letter" to a Guest. The Letters that are available are created in SETUP | PARAMETERS | LETTERS and can customized to include merge fields that will automatically fill-in Booking, Guest and Hotel information. The most common types of "Letters" used are the Confirmation, Registration and Receipt Letters. We have provided a basic templates of these three Letters, but you may want to edit or customize them further. You can also create new Letters like promotional or special guest information letters.

To Create or Edit a Letter, go to SETUP | PARAMETERS | LETTERS. See Add or Edit Letters

To Email or Print a Letter for a Guest.

  1. Open the Booking Details of the Guest and click on the Letters Tab.
  2. Choose the Letter from the drop-down menu. (See Add or Edit Letters )
  3. Click Send Email or Generate Print Document
    • Send Email: A new email window will open with the Letter in the body of the email. The From:, To:, and CC: fields will be pre-populated by the email addresses you entered in SETUP | SETTINGS | SITE DETAILS. See Site Details. These can changed or deleted manually before you send the email. To test a letter, simply delete the guest name and enter your email address and confirm receipt. If the SMTP server we use for sending emails cannot send the email, it will notify you of such after clicking EMAIL.
    • Generate Print Document: A new browser window will open with a print button at the top. Click print.


To verify whether the email was sent to a guest, go to the Log Tab in the Booking Details to view activity. See Log

To set up automatic emails to guests based on date triggered events such as check-in date, see Auto Letters