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BookingCenter offers a selection of pre-designed Letter Templates which can be used "as-is" or further customized to fit your needs. These templates are available to you at any time and can be easily imported to your in MyPMS.

Please let us know if you would like to use any of the Letter Templates by submitting a support ticket, with the name of the Letter, at

To see our selection of Letter Templates and a "real-time" example of how they look in Email and Print in MyPMS, follow these steps. 

Go to and login with:

  • USER ID: letter
  • PASSWORD: letter

After you login

  1. Go to the Arrivals and/or In House tabs (at top of the screen) and open any Booking.
  2. Go to the Letters Tab in the Booking.
  3. In the "Select Letter" drop-down list choose a Letter and click Email and/or Print Letter.
  4. If you see a Letter Template you would like to use, copy the name of the Letter and include it in the support ticket. 

Any of the Letter Templates can be further customized with text and images and  Merge fields To see examples of how Merge Fields are used in Letters, To see how we use the merge fields in these Letters.see Merge Field Examples

To learn more about creating Letters, see Letters

Remember, any of these Letters can be automatically sent to guests before or after arrival by using  Auto Letters

Letters Setup
Parameters Tab
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