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The "Included Items Report" tracks all Rate Plan with an "Included Item" or Inventory Item. The "Included item" must be setup in Inventory Items first. See Setting up Inventory Items

When an Item is included with  a Rate Plan, it will create a Rate that has an item included in the Rate (cost of item not displayed out to the guest). For Example, QUEENBRK - Standard Queen Breakfast = $150 Rate. The cost of "Daily Breakfast" is $5 and is included in the Rate. Therefore, the Rate displayed to the Guest is $150. 

However, the Room Rent and the cost of item is tracked in the "Included Items Report".

For example, Rate Plan =$150

  • Net Room Rent=$145
  • Included Item (Daily Breakfast) Sell Price =$5

The report can be sorted by Rate Plan or by Rate Group. To enter a Rate Group name, go to Default Rate Plan - Included Items for Reporting

The "Included Items Report" is useful to breakout the Room Rent from the cost of the item for commission purposes, taxes, etc. The Report also includes the Group Booking Name to track Rate Plans used for Group Bookings.

To create an "Included Items Report"Report:
  • Click on Included Items Report
  • Choose Date: Choose a single date. This can be in the past or future.
  • Choose Sort: Rate Plan or Rate Group
  • Choose the report format: HTML, Excel or Text.
  • Click Generate Report

The In-House Report displays the following information

  • Date: Date of transaction
  • Guest Name: Name of Guest
  • Group Name: If the booking is part of a group, then the group name will appear here.
  • Room: Room assignment of booking
  • Folio #: Folio #
  • Folio Name: Name of Folio ie. Group Master or Primary
  • Description: Rate Plan Description
  • Net Room Rent:  Room Rent. charged
  • Item Sell Price: Sell price of Included Item. See Inventory Items
  • Item Sell Cost: Cost of Included Item. See Inventory Items
  • User: User ID of who posted transaction. Ie. Night Audit
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