The Folio Setup feature on a Group is different than one on a Booking. By choosing 'Group Master' the Group manager can define which charges at Night Audit and via the automated processes (such as call accounting postings, POS, or COMTROL Charge Items) post to the Master Folio or the individual Booking Folio.

Choosing the Master equals the 'Group' and choosing the 'Guest' equals the individual Booking Folio. In the below example all Roomarebeing billed to the Group Master Folio and all Food, Phone andAlcohol relatedcharges are billed directly to the Guest Folio.

By defaultall charges go to the Group Master Folio and individual bookings inherit Group Folio settings at the time of the individual bookings creation. This is important to note because custom folio management must be done prior to making individual bookings if you wish for the folio settings to inherit to all individual bookings.See Charge To - Group Bookings

You may also go to individual bookings that are part of the group and manage that bookings settings via Folio Setup at the individual booking level. This allows you the flexibility of changing folio policies for a single booking withouteffectingthe rest of the group.

Group Booking Details

By default all charges go to the Group Master Folio so please adjust accordingly prior to adding individual bookings.


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