What is the Group Booking Engine?

The Group Booking Engine is a web service offering a 'Group Manager' and/or individuals to book a room(s) as part of a Group Reservation. By logging in to a secured area, bookings can be viewed and added to a group without having to contact the 'Group Manager' (or property) directly.

The booking engine provides a way to add bookings, view rooming lists, take individual payments and get group booking details, giving guests the information they need to choose a room and complete payment. Availability and rates are based on the room type allocations in the Group Booking in MyPMS. If a guest wishes to book before or after the Group allocation, the system can offer the 'group rate' for these 'early arrival/late departures', or choose another Rate Plan to offer for these situations.

All bookings made on the group booking engine are automatically inserted into the Group Booking Room List and managed in MyPMS giving the Group Booking Manager complete control without the time commitment of taking individual bookings.

The group booking engine can also be customized to your property by adding a logo, banner, displaying your marketing policies and room type images.

Features and Benefits

  • Group booking management in MyPMS
  • Secure guest access with user id and password
  • Availability and rates based on group booking allocation
  • Customized logo, banner, and room type images
  • Display deposit, confirmation, and cancellation policy
  • Customized group letter with user id and password

Note: The Group Booking Engine is available to MyPMS customers who currently use the website BookingEngine.