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The Group Booking Data Tab contains the Group Information and Booking Details for the Group Booking.

It also has important settings for the Group Booking Engine and the "Charge To" feature.

Group Booking Details are very similar to the Booking Data of an Individual Booking. Here, you will enter the Group Data such as, contact details, booking information and Payment details.

However,  one major difference is that when you select a company, travel agent, source or market code, the individual bookings in the Group will inherit these default values. If needed, these default settings can be changed at the individual booking level.

Note: The Arrival, Departure and Check-in date can not be edited in this section. Use the Edit tab to edit this information.

Group Booking Details

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Group Data:

  • Group Name: The Group name can not be edited.
  • Group Title: Choose a title for the event. For example, Retreat, Wedding Party, etc.
  • Contact: Enter the Group Contact name
  • Contact Details: Enter the Group Contact Address, phone number and email.
  • Password: This field is used for the Group Booking Engine. If you want to use the Group. See Group Bookings - Create Password
  • Show Room List: Use this setting to display the Room List in the Group Booking Engine. See Using Group Booking Engine

Booking Information:

  • Group Status: Status on Groups falls into five categories: Unconfirmed, Confirmed, Active, Complete, Cancelled. Group Bookings default to Confirmed status during the group booking wizard, however you can set the status to unconfirmed as desired. Once any individual booking within a group checks in, the group bookings status goes to Active. Group Bookings go to status complete in two scenarios:

      • When all individual bookings have checked out, the group will be set to status complete during the night audit process.

      • If a Group has no individual room bookings the status will automatically be set to complete during the Night Audit process of the groups arrival date

  • Projected Income: Projected Income shows the projected income of the booking based on the Hard Allocations in the Group Booking entered in the Edit Tab of the Booking. Edit Allocations

    For example,  if you have 3 Singles at $100 each allocated, then the Projected Income would be $300 plus tax. The projected income always includes tax. The amount shown in the Booking Header under Group Revenue is calculated from the actual rooms booked shown in the Room List. See Booking Header.

  • Arrival Date: Displays arrival date chosen when booking was made. Note: The Arrival, Departure and Check-in date can not be edited in this section. Use the Edit tab to edit this information.

  • Departure Date: Displays departure date chosen when booking was made. Note: The Arrival, Departure and Check-in date can not be edited in this section. Use the Edit tab to edit this information.

  • Release to Soft: This is an optional setting. Checking this box will automatically change your hard allocations to soft allocations on a chosen date. This effectively releases availability, but keeps the # of allocations and the rates.

  • Release Date: The date that you want to release your hard allocations to soft allocations if chosen. The default is the date of arrival.

  • Guest Type: often used for marketing purposes, however guest types can be used to offer discounts (i.e Seniors or Repeat Guests) Setting up Guest Types

  • Source:  Sources can be used for tracking revenue and bookings for marketing email. It typically indicates the source of the booking and where it was generated. All GDS, OTA and Website Bookings will automatically be assigned when the booking comes in to MyPMS. To add a custom source to track other types of bookings see Add/Edit Sources

  • Travel Agent: Travel Agents are referenced by their IATA number or by name. Many Travel Agencies have the same name, but the IATA # is always unique so we recommend using the IATA number. To edit the Travel Agent information or the company information, click on the underlined word, "Travel Agent" or "Company" after the company or travel agent has been selected using EZ Search. Setup Travel Agents

  • Company: Enter the Company name if needed. If you choose Direct Bill as a payment type, you will need to enter a company name. Add/Edit Company

  • Group Comments are unique to this group and will be inherited by all reservations on this group in the future. These comments will not show up on the individual reservations.

  • Booking Comments are unique to just this group reservation and are inherited by individual reservations. They will also show up in the Reservation Comments field of the individual reservations.

  • Guaranteed By: Payment type for the booking Credit Cards (Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Discover, etc) Direct Bill and possibly non credit card payment types (Cash, Traveler's Check etc). Set up Receipt Type

  • Tax Exempt: Checking this box will charge Room Rent WITHOUT Taxes calculated in the folio.

  • Charge to: Choose the way that room rent and other charges should be charged to the booking during night audit. See Charge To - Group Bookings
  • Group Icon: Choose an icon color for the group bookings to display on the Tape Chart. For example if you choose "blue", then all bookings in the group will appear with a blue icon next to the booking for easy identification. See Group Booking Icons
  • Check All Bookings In: Any booking(s) that has a Room assigned and the arrival date of that specific booking, part of the Group, will be 'checked in' and set active if this button is clicked.  Note, this button only appears when the Group Booking 'arrival date' is the same as 'today's' System Date.  And this process will bypass (ie, these events will not happen, as they are controlled on a booking-by-booking basis that this button bypasses) all the programmed events that take place during manual Check-in, such as: authorize at checkin; setting a Guest Service device to on/off; triggering a Door Lock code or key to be created; issuing a WebHook or API command.  This button is a fast way to check in a group, but does have the trade-offs detailed here, so proceed carefully.
  • Cancel Group: When you cancel a Group Booking, you also cancel the Bookings that are in the Rooming List of that Group Booking.  If you wish to keep a specific Booking (or more) that has been added to a Group, you should 'sever' that Booking(s) prior to cancelling the Group. See Adding and Removing Bookings to a Group