Now that MyPMS has been set up with the basic property, room, rate and tax information, there are several more areas to customize like, Marketing Policies, Sources and Images, etc. This section shows the areas that can be customized in MyPMS.

Be sure that your rates and availability are up-to-date and that the system is fully customized to fit your property.

Please use the links provided for step-by-step further customize and set up MyPMS. If you need help or have any questions,  contact us
Getting Started with MyPMS

Please completed these steps if you have not done so already

  • Enter Property Information: Enter your guarantee requirements, deposit and cancellation policies, payment receipts, guest types, marketing messages, booking sources, images and more. For details, see Customize MyPMS
  • Manage Rates:To enter seasonal rates, special rates for holidays or special events, Closed to Arrival and Min LOS,  go to Manage Rates
  • Add Additional Users: Each user is given login credentials and assigned a "Role" which grants access to certain Reports, Night Audit and the Setup Area. See Add Users


The following sections can be further customized to your property. Some are optional, but can be useful on Reports and Guest Marketing. We have provided default information as part of your set up, but you can easily add and edit.  For example, Sources on guest bookings can be used to track occupancy, revenue, etc. by Source. Entering relevant terms to your property will give you more valuable data so please customize your system as much as possible.