We offer a full host of online distribution connections and programs. Boost your online marketing strategy with GDS Distribution, OTA Connections, and Meta Search.

Offer unique rates and availability to multiple online channels with our Channel Manager and seamless connection to Global Distribution System (GDS) and Online Travel Agents (OTA).

Our easy-to-use allocation and pricing tools give you complete control and flexibility.

  • Room and rate allocation by channel
  • Easy rate and inventory management
  • Automatic availability and rate updates

All of our PMS products connect seamlessly to GDS and OTA programs with 2-way interfaces to your PMS

Learn more about our full selection on online distribution programs and services.

Setup and Activation

Distribute Rooms and Rates Online

The traditional first step to selling rooms online.  A GDS connection gives you exposure to all travel agents globally, some high traffic travel sites such as, Expedia, Travelocity, Orbitz, and hundreds of others. And thousands of corporate, government, and institutional travelers. GDS Distribution

Gain exposure with OTA Connections

Our OTA connections give you seamless connection to sites like Booking.com and Expedia, niche agencies like Mr and Mrs. Smith and Tablet. Participate in OTA Contract Rates to enhance your listing with preferred placement. OTA Direct Connections and OTA Contract Rates

Increase visibility with Meta Search

Meta Search sites allow users to search for hotels based not only on name, but also on factors like location, price, and property type. Meta Search

Leverage Marketing opportunities

Participation in Consortia Programs enables targeted rates to specific markets with corporate and institutional travelers. Negotiated Rates and Consortia Programs