The Edit function gives you the ability to modify the # of Rooms allocated per Room Type.

Remember that a "Hard Allocation" reserves availability and the "Soft Allocation" guarantees a specific rate.

The allocations entered here will only reserve availability in the Room Types, not individual Rooms. The availability adjustment will be shown on your Tape Chart, but will not be seen as individual bookings until a guest books one of the Rooms allotted to the Group.

If a Group Booking changes the date or the # of Rooms needed, you will need to make the change here in order for it to release the allocations from availabiltiy.

Group Booking Details

Understanding the Room Type Allocation Grid

  • Date Range: The dates of the Group Booking are shown in the top row of the Grid.
  • Room Types: The left column contains the Room Types.with a number in parentheses. This number is the total number of Rooms available in this Room Type.

There are two types of Allocations available: For a full explanation of hard and soft allotments, see Hard and Soft Allocations

  • Hard Allocation: The hard allotments will actually take rooms out of inventory and give them to this group.
  • Soft Allocation: The soft allotments will allow the group to book up to X rooms at the negotiated rate.

Changing Allocations: Enter the number of Rooms will be allotted to this group by room type and date.

  • In the Room Type row, you will see the number of Rooms available in that Room Type on the Date of the Booking (Highlighted green). This number is the # available after the hard allotments already entered for this group. 
  • Change the total # of Rooms to allot to the group. This # must be equal to or lower than the # shown in the Avail: (green highlight)  up to the total available rooms in each cell. 
  • Below the Grid, you will see the Room list and Rates. The total $ amount here is reflected in the Group Booking Header under Group Revenue. See Group Booking Header.
  • When you make a change to any allocations, the system will prompt you to "Get new Default Rates".  See below.
  • Click Save Room Allotments for the changes to take effect. 

Cancel Group Booking

  • Click Cancel Group Booking to cancel the entire Group Booking and release allocations. All allocations will be cancelled and Availability updated.


Room List and Rate Plan

When you make a change to any allocations, the system will prompt you to "Get new Default Rates". Click here and the Room List will appear with the Rate Plan selected for the corresponding Room Type. You can manually edit the Rates here. Be sure to click Save Room Allotments to record changes. All rates entered for group bookings are for the room/unit and are not per person.


If you have a question about availability, you can use the Search Bookings to locate any bookings without a Room assigned. See