Direct Bill payments will automatically post to the AR Account for the company selected on the Booking Data page. See  AR Accounts.

Direct Bill payments are only visible in the Payment Type drop-down list if the "guaranteed by" in the Booking Data page has been set to Direct Bill and a company is entered with an AR account with an available credit limit.  Note, it is important that you do not change the Company once you have begun to post Direct Bill (DB:) payment to a Company, in order to post to a different Company, as the system is already 'linked' to the Company once DB: postings begin on a Folio. If you wish to post DB: payments to multiple Companies, then you must make multiple bookings and use each booking to post to one Company.

The credit limit of the Company controls how much can be billed to a company when making a Direct Bill payment to a guest folio. If the credit limit for the company has been reached (ie, the Accounts Receivables outstanding has reached the 'Company limit'), then the system will not allow a Direct Bill payment in the folio greater than that left in the Credit - (minus) the Accounts Receivable for the Company. To allow the payment, you must increase the credit limit of the company or pay down the Accounts Receivables. To increase the credit limit, go to Companies

Once this has been entered, you will be able to select the DB:company as your payment method for this folio.

To see an invoice with the direct bill payment, go to FRONT DESK | AR ACCOUNTS.  This area keeps track of all Direct Bill payments posted to folios for all companies.

Front Desk Tab