The "Deposit Quote" and "Pay Deposit Quote" are located below "Projected Income" in the New Booking Window.

The "Deposit Quote" displays the deposit due based on your guarantee policy set in  Marketing and Policies.  

The amount is calculated on the Room Rent and Tax total of the booking when it is created. This makes it easy to quote and pay the deposit required. Note: the quoted amount is a static number based on the original booking amount and will not dynamically refresh if the booking amounts or date are edited. The deposit quote functions this way so there will be a record of the original quoted amount when the booking was made.

The "Pay Deposit Quote" link appears on the New Booking Confirmation window after you click Complete Booking. The link takes you directly to the folio of the booking with the deposit amount auto-filled in the payment amount. For details, go to New Booking Window.

Properties who are used to collecting 100% of the payment at the time of booking (or at check-in) should learn to use the Projected Income to accept full payment and then allow Night Audit to past the Room + taxes that will reduce this credit every night till the Folio balances to $0 at checkout. 

EXAMPLE: 1-night deposit

  • Your guarantee policy in Marketing and Policies is set to a "1 night deposit"
  • The booking if for 2 nights at $125 per night plus 10% Tax for a total of $275.00.
  • The Deposit Quote would be for 1 night deposit: $137.50 (1 night at $125 plus $27.50 tax)

Then the deposit Quote will display in the New Booking window