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Step 3  Confirm Rates for the Room Type Allotments and enter the remaining Group Booking Information.

  • First  confirm or edit the Rates for the Group Booking. By default, the Rates will appear as the Rate Plan attached to the Room Type. You can manually enter any changes here. Use the "white arrow" to auto fill the entered amount down the column. All rates entered for group bookings are for the room/unit and are not per person.
  • The Total $ figure at the bottom of the list is the Projected Income for Room Rent (excluding tax and extra charges) for the Group Booking.


Group Booking Wizard Steps

Then, enter the remaining Group Information:

Groups often want to manage charges between the group folio and individual folios. For example, you have a new group for a wedding and the parents of the bride have agreed to pay all the rooming charges for the wedding party, but all other incidentals are to be covered individually.

The easiest way to accomplish this is to setup the folio policies prior to adding any individual bookings.  

  • 'Charge by' where charges will go by default - Group or an individual Guest folio.
  • But if the choice was not made at the creation of the Group Booking, or needs to be edited, then load the group booking and click on the folio tab.
    • Then click Folio Setup.
    • You will see two folios listed: Group Master Folio and Guest Folio.
    • Use the radio buttons provided to determine which charges will be applied to to the group or guest folio. Changes made here will ONLY effect individual bookings added after the folio setup was done. As such it's best to define your group folio policies prior to adding individual bookings.


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