After you have created a booking in the system or a booking has come in through OTA/GDS or your website, a Booking Details Record is created for the Booking. When you create a booking, you can choose either confirmed or unconfirmed for the Booking Status.  All OTA/GDS and website bookings will automatically come in as "Unconfirmed" and must be changed to "Confirmed" when you have determined the booking is confirmed. A confirmed booking will appear in light blue and an "unconfirmed" booking will appear in red in the Tape Chart. See Bookings Status for more details.

To confirm a booking, follow these steps:

The booking status will change to Confirmed in the Booking Header and appear in Blue on if Confirmed and in Red if Unconfirmed on the Tape Chart.

If you choose to print or email the Booking Confirmation Letter, you will be taken to the Booking Data page of the booking and the Letters Tab. You can choose the confirmation Letter you want to send to the guest. Letters are created in SETUP|LETTERS. See Letters