In the Edit Tab, you can modify the Arrival and Departure Dates, Room Type and Rates of a confirmed, unconfirmed or Active Booking.

The Room Type grid in the Edit Tab is identical to the book by availability screen and functions the same. Days are added or removed via clicking on the cell for the desired days.

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To add or remove days from a booking

  • Open the booking and go to the Edit Tab
  • The room type reserved for the booking dates will appear in blue on the the availabiilty chart.
  • To remove days from the booking, click on the blue box on the date you wish to remove. This will deselect it and it will not be blue any longer.
  • To add days to the booking, click on the additional date to make it blue. This can be in the same Room Type or a different Room Type.
  • To change the date range of the booking completely, click on the blue boxes to deselect the dates. Then use the header search to choose new dates and click Refresh. Then, click on the new dates of the booking in the correct Room Type and the blue boxes will appear on the booking dates.
  • You will then be prompted to " Get New Rates"


Deselect the Room Type by clicking on the blue cell.

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