The Batch Settlement report displays all settled credit card transactions on the selected date or date range.This includes payments, refunds and credits. It does not report Authorization amounts, ONLY settled transactions.

If the charge shows up on your Batch Settlement Report, it has been processed; there is no need to audit a Batch Settlement report against a MyPMS© report!  You can use this report to search for a Guest name associated with a credit card to validate what actually processed to their card between a date range.

See MyCard Batch Settlement

Note: The date of the batch settlement is displayed at the top of the report. For example,  "Settled 11/22/15 9:11 PM by <user name>". This reflects the time that the batch was settled in Night Audit (Pacific Standard Time). See Understanding the Night Audit

To run a Batch Settlement Report:
  • Click on Batch Settlement Report
  • Choose Date: Choose a single date or date range. I.e. for a single date choose Dec. 1, 2015 and Dec. 1, 2015 in both the start and end dates.
  • Choose the report format: HTML, Excel or Text.
  • Click Generate Report
Batch Settlement Report displays the following information:
  • Card Type: Credit card type i.e. VISA, MC, AMEX
  • Guest: Guest Name as entered in the booking
  • Folio: Folio # of booking
  • Auth : Auth code, delivered from the merchant processing platform
  • EMV: If the transaction was from an EMV terminal, this will show 'YES'
  • Device: If the transaction was from an EMV terminal, the device name that settled the transaction will appear here.  Device names are optional and only used for properties with 2 or more EMV devices. 
  • CC#: last four digits of credit card number
  • Amount: settled amount of transaction: payment or credit
  • Transaction Type: Payment or credit
  • User/Time: Displays the user who settled the batch and the time it was settled.
  • Batch Number: Batch number includes all credit card transactions settled in the batch.

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