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Apply payments to a guest folio using a credit card.

  • Go the Folio Tab and then Add Payment.
  • Select the credit card to be charged from the type drop down in the add payment section. (See Manage Credit Cards)
  • Then enter a description (if desired) and an amount.
  • When you press, "Apply Payment, the system will attempt to post the payment and will gain a new authorization code if required. If there is an error, you will be redirected to a page similar to the Auth Failure Page where you will be prompted to try a different amount or a new credit card. If you cannot get the credit card payment for the amount of the purchase, attempt a lower amount or obtain another form of payment.

A credit card payment cannot be edited after the fact, however it can be removed as long as the charge has not been settled. When there is a credit card payment in pending settlement status you will see a blue remove link as shown below.

Clicking remove will remove the payment from the folio and the pending batch but will not void the authorization against the credit card.



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