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Step 2 - Allocate Room Types to your Group Booking to take them out of availability.

In this section you will allocate the number of Room Types needed by the Group.

The allocations entered here will only reserve availability in the Room Types, not individual Rooms.

The availability adjustment will be shown on your Tape Chart, but will not be seen as individual bookings until a guest books one of the Rooms allotted to the Group.

Group Booking Wizard Steps

Understanding the Allotment Grid

  • Date Range: The dates of the Group Booking are shown in the top row of the Grid.
  • Room Types: The left column contains the Room Types.with a number in parentheses. This number is the total number of Rooms available in this Room Type.

There are two types of Allocations available:

  • Hard Allocation: The hard allotments will actually take rooms out of inventory and give them to this group.
  • Soft Allocation: The soft allotments will allow the group to book up to X rooms at the negotiated rate.

Allocating Rooms: Enter the number of Rooms will be allotted to this group by room type and date.

  • In the Room Type row, you will see the number of Rooms available in that Room Type on the Date of the Booking (Highlighted green). This number does NOT include any hard allotments already entered for this group. 
  • Enter the total # of Rooms to allot to the group. This # must be equal to or lower than the # shown in the Avail: (green highlight)  up to the total available rooms in each cell. ter this number of rooms has been met, no more bookings will be allowed on this group.
  • For a full explanation of hard and soft allotments, see Hard and Soft Allocations

Release Date:

Below the Allotment Grid, you will see an option to set a "Release Date". This function gives you the option to release the Room Types you allocated to Hard Allocation (and therefore availability) that have not been reserved by the date you indicate in this field. On this date, the Room allotments will be released to general inventory. The Rate plans set will also be released UNLESS to choose to the "Release to Soft" option.

Release to Soft:

The "Release to Soft" options gives you the option to release the Hard allotments and covert them to Soft allotments. by doing this, the availability is no longer guaranteed, but the rate will be available up until the departure date of the group. By default the system selects the group arrival date as the Release to Soft date, however you may choose any day desired through the date picker.

Next Step - Confirm Rates and Enter Group Information

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